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woo! | Jan 24, 2002 07:48 PM

Some recipes from a movie... and I figured, if anyone would know the Hounds would...

Remember that GREAT restaurant movie the "The Big Night"? It was about two brothers who owned (Primo and Secundo) an Italian restaurant that was about to go under and they were told a celebrity jazz singer would be coming to dinner and if they could impress this singer, word would spread and their business would go crazy!

Well they served what looked like some incredible dishes at that dinner, especially the grand finale, a big drum like dish with meat, pasta, and all sorts of good stuff... does anyone else remember this film, and has anyone had any of these dishes before, especially the finale, and finally, does anyone know how to make this stuff or have access to any recipes?

Thanks for your help,

Your Fellow Hungry Hound...

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