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Sean's Burgers - Grand Opening

lil mikey | Apr 4, 2007 09:15 PM

I saw some activity inside so decided to stop.

“How long have you been open?”

“Today’s our first day.”

On the sign it said Chili Cheeseburgers, so I ordered one. Actually I ordered the meal, which has the chili cheeseburger, fries and a drink. There’s also a teriyaki dish with chicken or beef that he was pushing on some other guests. I may try that next time.

There’s nowhere to eat there (unless you just sit on the nearby steps), so it’s truly a to-go place. So in the interest of a proper test, I waited 20 minutes until I got home to eat it.

The chili cheeseburger wasn’t half bad. The patty was large. It hung out the sides of the standard-sized bun. The chili wasn’t award-winning, but it was perfect for a burger. The tomato was fresh, and the onion added a nice sweetness. By the time I got it home, the flavors had kind of melded. But it wasn’t soggy.

Now I was worried about the fries. First of all, they covered the little container with waxed paper. I was so tempted to try them on the way home because I just knew they would get soggy if the steam wasn’t allowed to escape. And I was partially right. Some of them were kind of soft. But I have to hand it to them. They serve steak fries, not the skinny ones. And it’s not such a big deal of those fries aren’t crisp and crunchy. So the texture wasn’t really a problem. And they salted them perfectly. That helped.

I think he’s still getting the soda fountain working, so he gave me a can of Coke with an ice-filled glass.

The meal was $5 and change, including tax. Priced perfectly I reckon.

This was a good meal, and Sean’s has unseated my current favorite, Molly’s for best quick hamburger.

Sean's Burgers
4481 Santa Monica (At Virgil. The old Jay's Jayburgers location)
Los Angeles

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