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Seamless Web -- Let's Hear from the Corporate Slaves!

(MP) | May 4, 2005 08:33 PM

Ok, so I work in midtown and end up ordering my dinner from Seamless Web 3-4 nights per week. (Seamless Web is a website that allows people like me who work late hours to order food from various restaurants.) The food that I get is fine, but not exactly chowhound heaven.

I have done some searching on various restaurants listed on the site, but many do not make it onto chowhound at all, or are dismissed as the sort of bland, overpriced-for-what-it-is stuff that is not really houndworthy. I certainly would not patronize most of the listings were I not held captive at work several nights each week, but I want to make the best of a mediocre sitation.

So... I would love to hear from similarly situated hounds who have recommendations regarding the best of Seamless Web.

Here's my standard rotation:

Hatsuhana -- Sushi Dinner
Mi Nidito -- Enchiladas or Rice and Beans
Siam Inn -- Pad Kee Mow
Korea Palace -- Soon Doo Bu Chigae
Shun Lee -- Spicy Dry Beef
Abitino's -- Pizza

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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