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Sealing home made cordials safely


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Sealing home made cordials safely

WelshPam | Jul 10, 2012 09:22 AM

I've just made a batch of elderflower cordial to sell at a market, and was using the reycled small wine bottles free from the local pub. To my horror I've just read somewhere not to use recycled lids if its to be stored in a cupboard for some time. Arrgghhhh.

In the past I've always reused jam jar lids if they were metal, clean and had the seal rpund the edge in good order; sterilise jars and lids in the oven for 30 mins, bottle whilst contents and jars are still hot, and screww them up very tight so they are sealed, in as much as the contents have usually kept long enough (say 6-9 months) and they 'pfft' when you open them.

Now these reused wine bottles with metal screw-on lids don't seem to be any different but the lids were once the 'tamper-proof' sort, you had to break the seal to open them etc etc. I can't find anyone who sells these lids but I can find plastic equivalents - of course the plastic ones don't come with any instructions... sorry to go on a bit here...

SO, does anyone have any experience or advice on either carrying on with the reused metal tops, or with using plastic ones, which i cans ee will be easy to use but how do I sterilize them?

If it helps, I have used citric acid to help with preserving the contents.

Help, I have a gallon of the stuff just a few days old, so it's not too late (yet). Thanks.

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