Sea Dolphin on Main Street


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Sea Dolphin on Main Street

JS69 | Nov 12, 2007 05:56 PM

I just tried this new fish restaraunt and I was extremly unimpressed.

We went on a monday night approx. 2 weeks after they opened since we figured they would get the kinks worked out. We were wrong. The place was half empty and it took us a little under 2 hours to finish our meal. I can't even explain the decor, one has to walk by to even figure out what they were going for. The waiters are an atrocious bunch of people. They have zero clue about what is going on. They walk by, don't know the menu, they don't really know how to wait tables at all.
The sushi looked good but we decided to try the other stuff on the menu....very very average. The waiter screwed up our orders but we just ate it since we didn't want to wait anymore. The whole time the owner walked around in his dirty chef outfit (yet we never saw him go to the kitchen so I don't know how it got dirty) yelling at the staff and pulling them away from one job to put them on another. He walked around to tables as well and most people told him how upset they were but he did nothing to rectify the issue.

The kicker at the end was they don't take credit card yet but why would they put a sign up to let people know????????

I have always given a new place 2 tries before making a true decision.......This is one and done for me.

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