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[SEA] Amore chocolates update


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[SEA] Amore chocolates update

creepygirl | Dec 20, 2004 01:32 PM

Amore Chocolates
10149 1/2 Main St BELLEVUE, WA 98004
(425) 453-4553

For those who missed my first post about Amore, it's a small chocolate shop in Bellevue. Some of my favorites there are the Seriously Dark Truffle (just dark chocolatey flavor, no fruitiness or bitterness), the chocolate chip cookie, and their peanut butter cups (they make their own peanut butter). Almost all of their confections come in both milk and dark chocolates.

I visited Amore this weekend, and thought it was time for an update. (I have also posted this update on another forum.)

One new thing in the last month or so are their red chili pepper truffles. These come in 2 and 5 star varieties. The 2 star have a bit of heat, and the 5 star create a pleasant throat burn.

When I went in on Saturday, the newest items on display were Guinness truffles, which were great, adding some flavor that I can't really describe. They have also made some chocolate stout truffles (not on display), which were also good. I haven't heard of anyone else around here combining chocolate and beer. I love their experimental attitude.

Other new things since I last posted: peach schnapps truffles, espresso buttercreams, lemon and lime buttercreams (which I thought would be an awful combination, but worked wonderfully well), madeira truffles (sometimes), shiraz truffles (sometimes), peppermint mocha truffles, chocolate caramels (with a hint of coffee flavor), chocolate-covered ginger. I noticed this time that they also have chocolate-covered Oreos, which I'd never tried.

Oh, and milk chocolate-covered peanuts, if they have them. This seemed like the most boring combination in the world to me, but when the peanuts are fresh, and the milk chocolate is good quality, it's terrific.

In case it's not already blindingly obvious: I love this place.


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