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What Do You Do "From Scratch"? What Won't You Do "From Scratch?"

ricepad | Oct 4, 202112:43 PM     35

sandramrma's recent thread about 'convenience buys' (https://www.chowhound.com/post/conven...) got me thinking about what I do and don't do WRT food preparation and how that's changed over the years. Rather than hijack that thread, I figured I would start another one.

There are some things that have done once or twice (or maybe regularly) that I probably won't do again because the effort is not rewarded with a product superior than store bought. There are other things that I used to buy regularly but switched to making from scratch almost exclusively, either because the home brew version is easier, better, cheaper, or all three. Plus it almost always has fewer of the preservatives and additives I would prefer to avoid. And then there are those things that I will sometimes buy in the store or make at home, depending on a number of circumstances, including but not limited to my mood, available time, or the weather (I am NOT going to be making two dozen corn tortillas when it's 110F outside!). Lastly, there's a theoretical list of things I will never make from scratch, but that would be a very long list, so I didn't even bother to create it. Rest assured, though: Twinkies from scratch would be on that list (https://www.chowhound.com/post/deep-f...). And the thought of mashing up oysters to make oyster sauce kind of turns my stomach.

Things I have made but won’t again because they’re too much of a PITA:
Tomato ketchup - large batch (once)
Soy sauce (twice)
Mayonnaise (not really a PITA, but I end up wasting a lot of even a small batch)
Pastrami – one batch lasts forever with just two of us eating it. It’s almost as easy to make pastrami for 20 as it is for 2
Sandwich bread – I learned I can’t cut acceptable slices for sandwiches. They’re either too thick, too thin, or uneven.

Things I used to buy but now make:
Pickle relish
Apple sauce
Japanese pickles (eg takuan and fukujinzuke)
Bread and butter pickles
Strawberry jam
Udon noodles
Hot cocoa mix
Tocino (pinoy bacon)
Hmong sausage
Salad dressings (almost always some kind of vinaigrette – I’m boring that way)

Things I sometimes buy and sometimes make:
Ice cream
Corn and flour tortillas
Orange juice (we have two trees)
Lemon juice (one tree)
Apple fritters

These are, of course, partial lists. They're also likely to change as the months and years go by. How do your lists stack up?

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