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Science Fans! My Ice Cream Needs You


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Science Fans! My Ice Cream Needs You

murray6789 | Jul 28, 2006 10:46 PM

I am stuck with using UHT milk and cream for everything (I'm in Haiti and it's the only kind available) including my ice cream, which means that my ice cream is stuck tasting like it was made with UHT milk. Not good. I've not had success masking the flavor with other ingredients, so now I'm thinking about trying to change the flavor of the milk itself. The problem? I don't really have any ideas about how to do this. I'm kind of surprised that heating the milk to make the custard base hasn't worked..... my homemade yogurt doesn't taste UHT-y at all.

Any advice from the food science crowd?

Thanks for your help!

ann marie

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