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School lunch help!

foodiex2 | Oct 5, 200502:21 PM

My 4 yo has just started pre-school 3 days a week and one day a week the kids stay an xtra hour and all have lunch together. I am struggling with lunches these days because my son (who will eat any and everything) is now being exposed to kids who don't eat a wide variety foods and/or are quick to say "Eeeew, gross!!" to any foods they don't like or have never seen before. And it is amazing how much they haven’t seen (hummus, white yogurt (instead of blue or green), cheese in any form other than sliced american.

My son is now bringing home his lunches barely eaten saying that food he has always liked (and will still eat later on as a snack or lunch on non-school day) is yucky and he doesn't like it. Grrrr. Peer pressure start early!! The typical lunches the other kids bring are lunchables (!!!), full sugar/artificial flavored yogurts, cold cuts on white bread, packaged cookies and crackers, processed cheeses and the like. I realize one day a week eating these things would not be the end of the world and I am usually relaxed about what he eats when we are not home (forbidden fruit and all that) but I draw the line of buying all that crap.

His typical lunches are:

*Hummus and cheddar on whole wheat w/ sliced apples and oatmeal cookie
*Almond butter and jelly (100% fruit only) on oat bread w/ a choc. dipped banana
*assorted chopped veggies, tortilla chips and cheese cubes with ranch dip (homemade)
*cold veggie pizza
*cold pasta with sauce or mac and cheese, assorted berries
*total yogurt w/ pumpkin or apple butter, crackers and ants-on-a-log (celery stuffed with almond butter and topped w/ raisin,

So what can I do to “compete” with the crap the other kids are eating or what can I do to make my sons food so appetizing that the other kids want what he has?? There are 22 kids in the class so the school has a no hot food rule (even in a thermos) and nothing has to be assembled by an adult. Oh- peanut are a big no-no so no peanut butter ideas.

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