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Schizophrenic lime tree: graft gone wrong?


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Schizophrenic lime tree: graft gone wrong?

2m8ohed | Jun 12, 2010 05:46 PM

I bought two kaffir lime trees last year and have enjoyed using their leaves in the past year. They are in large pots on my deck along with a Meyer lemon tree and a Bearss lime tree. As the weather has finally become warmer here in Northern California, all of the trees have produced many new leaves and blossoms. However, one of my kaffir lime trees seems to have a split personality. Two new branches have grown, with leaves that are definitely not kaffir lime leaves (not hourglass-shaped, much bigger, don't smell like kaffir lime). The leaves look like those on the Meyer lemon tree, but the branches have large thorns. Could it be that the kaffir lime was grafted onto lemon rootstock but part of the tree is reverting to its rootstock? It's a Four Winds nursery tree, in case that matters. Is there another explanation? Should I cut off the lemon-looking branches if I want the tree to continue growing kaffir lime leaves, or can I now grow lemons and limes from the same tree? Photo attached. Thanks in advance!

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