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May Saveur - may be the best yet


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May Saveur - may be the best yet

applehome | Apr 25, 2008 12:39 PM

Saveur has grown into one my favorite food reads. The density of good, useful, and fun to learn about information in this one magazine is phenomenal, especially when compared with so much of the stale junk that circulates out there.

The cover article starts with an American-Vietnamese writer, crabbing at night with his family in Jamaica Bay - crabbing in Queens, for blue-points for his son's one month birthday. It is a 9-page spread with recipes, food-porn quality photographs, and a story of the extended family, and their love for food.

There is a one-page blurb on the foods of Oklahoma that has given me a list of places to visit on my next trip to the in-laws, including a Oklahoma raised Wagyu-beef steak house in OKC.

Baltimore berger cookies, traditional saltimboca, the foods of Cyprus... lots of great food info, both in the form of recipes with histories, and travelogue by palate.

There is a wonderful feature on rice, written by James Beard winning writer, Peggy Knickerbocker, focusing on the resurgence of brown rice. It speaks of a Japanese renaissance in various whole bran forms, including haiga, buzuki, and hatsugai - even a mention of a rice boutique, Suzunobu, in Tokyo, where one can choose from more than 40 varieties and have them custom milled to whatever specification. The main item is about a California boutique grower, Massa organics from Chico. The article is full of recipes and informational sidebars, including a very simple but delicious looking chahan.

Given the quality and variety of items we discuss on this board, I can't get over the feeling that this kind of content fits our needs well. That doesn't mean that the search for deliciousness doesn't include other levels of food information - other kinds of publications, from the mundane to the ethereal. But Saveur, today, provides a great fit.

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