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Can I save my wok after a grease fire?

philoclea | Feb 9, 2012 09:21 AM

Okay, I have to be the worst person in the world at seasoning things. I went through a year of attempts at seasoning and subsequent rust with my cast iron pan until we finally came to some kind of detente. And now, my problem is: the wok.

Yes, I got an iron wok from World Market, and managed to get a few basic seasonings in. Then someone (who shall remain nameless) left it in soapy water overnight, and the result was a rusty mess. I cleaned, I scoured, and following different seasoning instructions this time, I let it get really, really hot. And then I put oil in it. Result: fire.

Now, we dealt with that ok -- nothing a big ol' lid won't handle. But this morning, I find that the bottom of the wok is covered in a gooey substance. I've tried washing it off with hot water, with little success. I applied the scouring pad lightly (hey, what if there's a good season under there?), but that only took some of it off. When I dried the wok on medium heat, the gooey stuff started smoking.

So: any advice? I've thought of taking some old veggies -- onions, potatoes -- and using them in the hot walk to move the greasy stuff around. But is the greasy stuff really just oil, or could it be some of the manufacturer's wok covering that I hadn't managed to get off in previous washings?

I've searched online, but all I find are instructions on how to season normal or rusty woks, or how to put out or avoid grease fires. But I'm beyond *all* of these in seasoning incompetence. Help!

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