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What is more useful for you? Saute pan or Frying pan?

Chemicalkinetics | May 30, 201210:09 PM

This is a question I have for awhile, and I think it can be interesting to hear from all of us.

If you only get to use one of the two, then which would you opt for? A saute pan like this?


Or a frying pan like this?


Alternatively, if you have both styles of cookware, which one do you actually use more often?

Feel free to elaborate your reasoning.

I understand there are various definitions, but I believe the above is the more common understanding of a saute pan vs a frying pan.

I am not asking about the cookware material or dimension, just the shape and style. To make this simple, let's not discuss other cookware like skillets, karahis, woks..etc.

For me, if I only get to have one cookware, then I would pick a saute pan because I can use it as a shallow sauce pan. However, as this question stands, if I get to pick one of these two but not limiting on other cookware, then I rather have a frying pan. So my answer is the frying pan. How about you?


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