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Sausoun Bakery in Glendale--Outstanding!


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Sausoun Bakery in Glendale--Outstanding!

Slow Foodie | Dec 9, 2005 11:50 AM

I'm making it a point to stop at all of the Middle Eastern food purveyors on Colorado Blvd. to break up my morning drive with something to look forward to. I've tried a couple of places--all with various merits which I will report in the coming weeks, but today I stopped at a place so fantastic, I felt compelled to post it pronto. The sign says "grand opening" but I think I've seen it for a couple of months. When I first walked it I was amazed at how spartan it is. Middle Eastern bakeries are generally chock a block with cheese and olives and dried fruits. This place is really minimalist but what they do, they do well, which is:
Spinach Beorek
Tahine Bread
Cheese Beorek

The also have a tiny case with drinks, including Karoun's Tahn, which I love.

I bought spinach beorek (btw, I am copying these spellings from their menu) which was deliciously flavored and not overly doughy, lahmanjune which was a bit spicier and meatier than I'm used to-maybe the best I've ever had. Thoughtfully, they sell whole lemons for .25 which to me, is the perfect compliment for lahmanjune. The cheese beorek was also spicier than usual but wonderfully cheesey and the dough was crisp and flavorful and not doughy. I didn't pay much attention to the prices but I got a huge amount of stuff for $20.00. The best find I've made in ages.

Sasoun Bakery
625 E. Colorado Unit A
Glendale 91205

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