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Saucyness is close to godliness.


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Saucyness is close to godliness.

Candied_Flipper | May 26, 2014 08:53 PM

Let's talk about tomato sauce.

I have some on the stove right now! Here's what i put in it:

Sauteed garlic and mushrooms, followed by six spicy/hot sausages cut into 3rds which were then seared before adding crushed tomatoes. A little salt and pepper, basil and oregano (unfortunately the herbs were not fresh, i only had dried) And a small handful of Parmesan cheese.

I had baked some chicken earlier in the day and saved the drippings so, screw it, in the pot it goes. Popped on the lid and lowered to a simmer.
Now i plan on letting it sit for quite a while, at least until the sausage is cooked through. I find the longer you cook a sauce the better the end result but is it possible I'll over-cook the meat?

What are some sausome sauces you guys and gals have free-styled? Also what are some staple rules you have when it comes to making a good tomato sauce or marinara? (Is there a difference between the two?) Ive heard of people putting vinegar in their sauce. Is this cool? I wanna know your deepest darkest sauce secrets!

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