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Sauce (Somerville) - review


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Sauce (Somerville) - review

jacinthe | Mar 20, 2005 04:51 PM

After picking up my friend from the bus station last Sunday, we decided we were hungry. Yes, food. Yes, more specifically – O Cantinho. Little did we know that O Cantinho was closed on Sunday, as was Muqueca. Not having my palm pilot with lists of restaurants (and more importantly, their locations), we drove up to Union Square in Somerville in an attempt to find the Mexican food place there, but given that we couldn’t remember its name nor what street it was on, we drove around a couple of times, contemplated Delicianas Peruanas (sp?), and decided that no, we didn’t really want to go there. So over to Porter Square we drove (good thing I’d filled up my gas tank that morning!), yet no, nothing was appealing. So onward to Davis Square, in an attempt to find Tu Y Yo. Really, I need to remember to carry my palm at all times, for of course neither of us could remember what street it was on, and calling information would have been far too easy. We drove by Sauce (“I know that Tu Y Yo is on the way to another friend’s house… I just can’t remember which way it is..”) when my friend commanded me to stop – ooh, Sauce caught her eye. By this time, we were both hungry, and decided that if the menu looked decent, we’d try it. And it did, and so we entered. Décor is that dark wood/banquettes type deal, and the restaurant was rather full for a Sunday night.

Sauce is a small plates type place, with a couple of entrees if you don’t wanna share and/or want a more substantial meal. They have an interesting drinks menu, and I got the pear sidecar while my friend got the pomegranate cosmopolitan. Unfortunately, we weren’t that thrilled with either of our drinks – mine was a touch too cloyingly sweet (perhaps it was the addition of the pear), as was my friend’s, who expected a more tart concoction. We then settled on three small plates:
*Mussels and fries: really, how can you ever go wrong with this dish (aside from overcooking the mussels, perhaps). Served also with a slice of foccacia – we asked for more to sop up the remaining sauce. Fries were fried with rosemary, which added a nice touch
*Spaghetti carbonara: This was the dish that drew us into the restaurant; we’d just been talking about the marvels of it the previous night. Nice thick – almost lardon-esque – chunks of bacon, but overall the dish was a touch too salty.
*Some salad, which unfortunately I cannot remember, but it had rock shrimp (and perhaps avocado) and other stuff, and in contrast to the spaghetti carbonara, this one could have used some more salt to add a punch to the somewhat blandish flavours.

An order of grilled flatbread, twisted into a loop and served with this very intriguing dip, preceded our order. We were told that the dip was a mix of white beans and sour cream and other things – it was slightly sweetish, and totally addicting.

Too full to eat anymore, we skipped dessert. Unfortunately, since we had been so looking forward to O Cantinho I can’t tell if our bleh experience was a result of not getting to eat at the other place, or if it dealt more specifically with the food at Sauce itself. Given that we only have a couple of months left before we’re leaving Boston, however, Sauce did not make our “must-try-again” list, while under other circumstances (say, we were here indefinitely), it might have.

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