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sauce cookbooks: peterson or roux?


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sauce cookbooks: peterson or roux?

baking novice | Mar 29, 2003 03:51 PM

in addition to improving my baking skills, i would like to improve my sauce-making skills. when i learned to cook i was a vegetarian so i never learned the basics of saucemaking. now i am learning to cook meat; hence the need for a good book on sauces. although i can follow a recipe, i would really like to learn the fundamentals so i can improvise.

i have narrowed my choices to two books: james peterson's sauces and michael roux's sauces. it seems that the peterson book is more comprehensive, but the roux book has pictures. have you used these books? which do you think is better for my purposes? if you could only have one of these books, which one would you pick?

or is there some other book that i should get instead? i know a lot of people swear by julia child. i have never cooked from julia child, but from following the julie/julia project (highly recommended) i think she cooks with too much cream and butter for my taste. (don't get me wrong, i have nothing against the occasional cream sauce, i just don't want to eat it every night).

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