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sashimi (as opposed to sushi)?


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sashimi (as opposed to sushi)?

Lev | Feb 24, 2003 12:08 AM

So I've read many previous messages about the great NYC sushi places (gari, yasuda, kuruma, tomoe, etc) and I don't want to restart holy wars about which is the best sushi restaurant, so I'll be more specific. Lets narrow things down by assuming that 9 times out of 10 (ie unless the chef _specifically_ advises against it) I want my raw fish served as sashimi, I'm not going to order *anything* except raw seafood, no soups desserts or whatever, I'm willing to book as far in advance as necessary, I'll be coming in from connecticut so location isn't important, there will be 2 of us, we're both very adventurous eaters and will try anything at least once, and (lets pretend) price is no object (but a heads-up at this stage on how many months' rent to put aside would be nice - poor hungry grad student, me).

So far the best sashimi I had in the city was at Tomoe (acheived by sitting at the bar and asking "what else is good today? we'll have 2 of them sashimi" repeatedly, interspersed with, "well that was so delicious we'd better have another couple of those" - mind you tomoe isn't as cheap as its reputation would have you believe if you order like that), and almost as good was at sugiyama (in the middle of the omakase - the best meal I've had in my life ).

I'm sure that still doesn't narrow it down to a single restaurant, but hopefully the good folks of can help me decide which order to try the places I haven't been to yet.


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