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Gargano | Mar 4, 2003 12:42 PM

NPR had a thing about fresh Pacific sardines yesterday. Apparently the "catch" which became depeleted from overfishing in the forties is becoming more "catchable," due to sardine apathy on the part of the American public. I don't want to change that to any great extent, but I would love to have sardine fishermen be able to make enough of a living off of the oily beasts that I could more easily find them out here in Maryland. We have an awesome Greek restaurant in Baltimore (The Black Olive) that serves an appetizer of fresh sardines wrapped in grape leaves before being grilled. One could blow off the rest of their menu (marvelous though it is) and order several rounds of these with a couple of glasses of Robola of Cephalonia and call in sick for the rest of the day. Ordinarily, I make do with canned, which are occasionally delicious though almost an entirely different category. Anyone have any favorite brands, countries of origin or other fishy wisdom to share?

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