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Santa Maria Tamales

Phood | Aug 12, 2007 07:59 PM

Last Friday around lunchtime I found myself headed north toward the 10th Street Vineyard Café in San Miguel. ( ) I was leaving Buellton and The Hitching Post II, where they still combine meat and fire in just the right way, even after the movie.

I found myself in need of some deliciousness. This was Friday, so the anything-but-standard charity run Santa Maria barbeques were not available. My handy list, made possible by the ability to cut and paste Chowhound bits (thank you Jacquilynne) was waiting patiently in my glove box for quick reference.

My recollection was fulfilled as I found a cryptic post stating “The Tamale Shop at Bettteravia and Blosser roads in Santa Maria.” This intersection was found with little problem, but sadly there was no tamale shop there, just a traffic light, some pavement, left turn lanes, cars, the usual stuff found in every other intersection in America. This was not a surprise.

On the corners were a McDonalds, (I hope they didn’t tear down the Tamale Shop) farm implement establishments, and industrial buildings. With no commercial spaces or strip centers visible from the eastern approach, I hazarded a left turn and went south; nothing there. I made a u-turn, headed north and made another left to the west; still nothing. Discouraged, I made another u-turn and headed north; still …. I made a discouraged u-turn to head back to the point of origin, and there it was; The Santa Maria Tamale Shop; hidden on the north face of an industrial building, with only one sign visible from the north (not visible from the intersection).

There, at 2115 Blosser Rd. in Santa Maria (with a telephone of 805-614-4171) was The Santa Maria Tamale Shop, a shining example of ChowHound deliciousness. In mid-afternoon they only had beef and pork tamales left, but what tamales they were. These were tasty representatives of south-of-the border flavor served with wonderfully flavored rice and homemade salsa on the side. The masa alone had the perfect balance of rich meatiness and corn goodness. If I only had been there before or during the lunch rush, I would have a better and more inclusive report on all the available tamales and sides, but I can recommend the place for soulful and delicious tamales.

Were I a more ‘houndly reporter I would have found whether they serve other meals, but I present the address and number for your ‘houndly enjoyment. I’m an eater, not a reporter. Long live food tours!

Santa Maria Tamale Shop
2115 Blosser Rd, Santa Maria, CA

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