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Sanremo bakery cake

red dragon | Dec 13, 200903:03 PM

Well, this was the first time I got my birthday cake from Sanremo. The donuts were very good, but the cake, not so much.

Perhaps Italian style cakes are not my style, but I found the Bacio cake quite disappointing. The description is about 3/4 of the way down on this link:


The sponge cake layers were moistened for sure, from the vanilla syrup, but the texture was very, very dry and very coarse. I could not taste any hazelnut in the filling, and the ganache when I sliced in with my fork had a bit of a pull, like a thinned out carmel, not what I recall ganache to be, but then again, it might be the style of this bakery. The hazelnuts did not taste fresh, they tasted of refrigerated nuts gone bad. I was very, disappointed.

I chose this cake for a special birthday after having it from Baker Street Desserts. It only looked the same, the taste was not all all what I had expected. BSD has discontinued the cake, so I thought, from reading the description, it might be similar.

The food at Sanremo was good - I had a chicken cutlet Italian sandwich while I was there and the donuts were very good and fresh, but I will pass on the cakes.

Just wanted to share my review :(

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