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Joanie | Mar 15, 2004 12:12 PM

Tried Saigon Sandwich on Washington St. in Chinatown for the first time for a bbq beef bahn mi ($2.50). It was fairly tasty but not quite up to par. She asked if I wanted it spicy, I said yes but only one bite had any heat to it. Nothing was warmed up, the bread was only okay, a good amount of filling tho. I certainly wolfed it down quick enough but not my favorite.

Sun. I wanted a turkey club and ended up at the B&D in Brookline. After I ordered she came back to make sure I knew that it had bacon. Hmm, I thought that was what a club was all about. Lots of decent fries, fresh turkey meat, hardly any mayo but that's okay this time since I'll be stuffing my face on vacation ($7.95). But she asked me how everything was after I'd had one fry, never came back, gave me the check without seeing if I wanted dessert, and when I asked for the last quarter to be packed, I got it in a big styrofoam container (no one uses foil which makes things much easier) that included all the middle slices of bread I'd put aside. I love bread but not that much. Then a personal annoyance, even tho I'm old, I sure don't want to be called ma'am, esp. about 9 times during a meal. Sheesh, I had orange Pumas and a hooded shirt on, does that command a "ma'am" from anyone?

On a better note, I got the excellent pear ginger scone from Petsy's in Somerville. It was as good as everyone here has said, perfect density and taste. I might still prefer Clearflour a bit but worth the trip. I have to say, the pies didn't look that irresistable like some of the pie shops I've seen in Calif. but I'd be curious to taste them.

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