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What do you make in your sand pot/shaguo/沙鍋

Condimentality | Feb 24, 201005:26 PM

I just got a moderately sized Chinese sand pot and am looking for some ideas for what do with it.

Tonight I used it for the first time in this way:

Boiled some water in the shaguo over low heat (the piece of paper inside it told me to do this) and then emptied it out.

Marinated some country ribs in salt, white pepper, mirin, and shaoxing

Browned marinated ribs in peanut oil in saute pan and added them to bottom of shaguo

Added some cabbage, mushrooms, garlic, galangal, and coriander seed to the remaining oil in the pan, deglazed with a little mushroom kombu stock, added some oyster sauce, fish sauce, and soy sauce, and added all of this to the shaguo

Topped up the shaguo with more mushroom kombu stock, put on the lid, brought everything up to a boil over medium heat, and simmered for about 50 minutes on low.

Finally, took off the stove, topped with some chili oil, and served

It turned out quite well, and the pork was cooked perfectly, though the cabbage was a little overdone.

Is this process generally how these things are typically used? What types of dishes are typically cooked in sand pots? I think I've had something similar to the pork/cabbage thing before, but I'm looking for any type of ideas.


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