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San Rafael: La Bodega and serving silliness at Sol Food


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San Rafael: La Bodega and serving silliness at Sol Food

rworange | Aug 7, 2011 04:04 PM

I read Sol Food opened up a little market so went to check it out. La Bodega just turns out to be a take-out place next door to the main restaurant that has the same menu. A hint about parking. You can enter the store from the parking lot around the corner.

They also sell t-shirts other clothing for adults and babies with the restaurant name on it. Yep, I want to buy my shorts where I buy my chicken.

The original location moved across the street to the former Royal Frank location... with the SAME Sol Food menu ... three places on the same block with identical menus.

Anyway, I learned they have a patio. It was a beautiful day, the Puerto Rican poor boy with plaintain-fried breaded shrimp looked appealing. I guess by poor boy they mean the customer after ordering it ... it is $11.95. So off I go ... rather hobble. I broke my toe earilier in the week.

The 4th street location has a few counter seats and is colorful with the lime green predominating. I walk up to the counter and say I heard they have a patio. Yep. It is around the corner in the back. Um .. I can't enter through the restaurant? Nope. You'd have to go through the kitcken and that is not allowed.

Ok, fine. I explain about my limited mobility. I'm going around the corner can they take my order when I sit down. If it is too hot or the patio isn't attractive then I'll go to the regular restaurant.

Nope. They won't take my order out back. I MUST order at the counter, If I want someone to take my order when I sit down, I will have to go to the main restaurant.

Well, yes, but the patio sounded attractive on this nice sunny day, but it hurts a lot for me to do much walking, so I'm going to the patio now, can somene come back there so I can place my order? Nope.

We went through a few rounds of this. Seriously ... I want to check out the patio but if I don;t like it back there I don't want to place an order now.

Nope ... nope ... nope.

Now there are four people in this tiny joint at the counter. So it is not like one person will be leaving the restaurant unattended and they have to go back to the patio anyway to deliver my order.

Tired of this I ask for the manager's number. I call. It is the wrong number. It seems the restaurant on the corner and the restaurant on 4th have different managers and he is in a meeting. He will call me back. He never did. i ate elswhere.

Maybe the prices wouldn't be so high if they didn't have what seemed like excessive staff. Four people for an empty restaurant ... two managers, maybe more, for restaurants on the same block.

They deliver. Didn't think about it at the time, but I should have went to the rear, called in an order and had them deliver it to their patio .. given the level of conversation, bet they would have delivered it in take-out containers.

So dumb.

Having said that, has anyone ordered one of their whole chickens at $22?

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