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San Pablo - Duro con cueritos hombre (pickled pig skin guy) - tastes like calamari

rworange | Sep 19, 200605:23 AM     2


I'm using Melanie's picture of this snack.

Outside of La Loma #11 (not #$) there was a vendor selling the ususal elote (corn), raspados and bags of chips and duritos.

With an embarassment of riches raspado-wise in this area, I'm getting quite picky. If it is pre-crushed ice and not shaved by hand from a block, I don't want to bother.

So, I'm about to leave when I decide maybe to see how he makes the raspado.

That's when he pulls out the large square of flour chicharron (duro) and starts building this snack. I leap from the car and ask what it is (see title).

The fried-in-lard duro might just as well be a real pig skin it had a pleasant porky taste to it. Then a layer of shredded lettuce and cabbage was spread on top.

He dipped into a jar of fresh salsa fresca and covered the lettuce. Next was the curly strips of pig skin from another jar. Mine didn't have crema, I don't think, but something from a squeze bottle was squirted on it. The whole thing was $3.50.

He said he was from the state of Pueblo in Mexico and this was something they made there. They were both indiginous Mexican Indians. I don't see too many up this way.

This was my first taste of pickled pig skins. Not bad actually. I'm eating it thinking I've tried something like this before ... what, oh, what ... Eureka - it tastes like rings of calamari salad, a little more chewy but same thing. If you like calamari, you'll like pickled pig skins.

This was a study in different levels of chewiness. The duro a crisp type of chewy.

Nice snack, like a taco salad. He said he's at the market every day. I think he's only there in the evenings as I was there earlier and no pork man and his wife.

BTW, La Loma is one of the more interesting markets in the area with items I haven't seen elsewhere. Then have bins of dried fruits and nuts rolled in chili powder. There are beers from Central America that I haven't seen in restaurants or markets.

There really were a whole bunch of different items. Excellent ... excellent cheese selection. I'm going back on Saturday to see what extra things they might have.

Quite an impressive hot sauce collection, from the standards to Dave's Insanity. Oh yeah, plastic deli pints of those pickled carrots, onions & jalepenos. Such a cool place. The strawberries I bought earlier were excellent too.

They have a few tables in the back. I'm not sure if there's a restaurant there or not. I was there late.

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