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Is The Sam Woo Empire Crumbling?


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Is The Sam Woo Empire Crumbling?

Chandavkl | Jul 10, 2008 09:19 PM

We know that the Sam Woo restaurants aren't a chain per se, but are rather more like some kind of loose confederation. Still I'm wondering if something significant is going on as the empire appears like it might be in the process of being dismantled. While there have always been ongoing branch openings and closings it seems that the closings are accelerating. A couple of years ago the Sam Woo Seafood in Chinatown became Sum Wu Seafood, then the Sam Woo Seafood and Dim Sum in Rowland Heights was recently sold to become Coconut Bay, then the Sam Woo Seafood in San Gabriel Square was sold to New Capital. However what really got me thinking was when the flagship Sam Woo BBQ in Chinatown became "Hong Kong BBQ" (the building signs and menus changed names, though the painted Sam Woo name in the front window hasn't been removed). And now, the second Sam Woo location on Gale Ave. in Rowland Heights (the BBQ location) is gone. It's now called Leung Kee, though the same staff is still there and the food seems the same. So what's the deal? Is good old Sam (as once personified by an uninformed restaurant reviewer) the man retiring or something?

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