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Salted Buttermilk Milkshake @ Holy Chuck

StewBing | May 29, 201607:23 AM     2

Holy Chuck on Hwy7 near Pine Valley Drive can make a great salted buttermilk milkshake.
And, at $7.00 ... it should be pretty good (like Vincent said!). Except I believe that it has too much salt added.
So, I ask them to make it with 1/2 as much salt. Many times, they have been happy to oblige and it truly is a great milkshake.

Until last week.

I ask for the salted buttermilk milkshake made with 1/2 as much salt. The cashier pauses, gives me 'that look' and says cannot be done as the ingredients are premixed.

Strange ... so, in the past, have they just given me the pre-mixed version? ... and I have walked away satisfied?
Whatever; I accept the response and order the milkshake.

As the person prepares my milkshake, I watch.
Mid-way through the blending, he picks up a metal shaker container and gives my milkshake a couple of shakes of something.
??? what is with that ???

When he presents me with the shake, I ask what is in the shaker ... he responds, "Oh, that is the salt."


So, I get the cashiers attention and relate what I have just seen.
Again, she gives me 'that look' and decides to get the manager.

The manager offers to dilute the shake with some added ice cream.
But, at this point, I feel a new shake should be made.
(this is a gourmet burger joint offering a premium hand-made shake ... this shouldn't be an issue)

The discussion seemed to be going nowhere. I then tell that manager that I have ordered the shake many times with reduced salt; has never been an issue. He scowls, asks the employee to make another, and leaves me standing there.

I finally did get my excellent milkshake.
But, this episode means that I won't be going back.

Anybody have recommendations for an excellent hand-made milkshake?

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