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Why did my salt turn green?


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Why did my salt turn green?

Tom Meg | Jan 6, 2004 04:29 PM

My S.O. recently brought home (from a flea market) a cute little dish with a hinged lid made of some unknown metal (silver? tin?) and which was probably an ashtray. Since neither of us smoke, we decided to keep it on our dining table (after washing it very thoroughly) as a salt cellar.

It was working well for the past few months until last week, when we started keeping fleur de sel (as opposed to Kosher salt) in it. Within days, the salt turned green.

Common sense tells me that I probably shouldn't eat green salt, but I'm wondering if any chemistry-savvy hounds can enlighten me on what exactly happened here. I'm guessing that the fleur de sel reacted more than Kosher salt because it's moister. I'd welcome further thoughts, explanations, etc....


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