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Salt-preserved lemons and food safety?

bythebay | Jun 29, 201202:42 AM

I tried to preserve some lemons a few weeks back, cutting them into fourths, putting salt in them, putting salt at the bottom and top of the jar I placed the lemons in and covering with lemon juice. I left it out for a day or two and then in the fridge, where it's been since.

I have a concern about the fact that the directions called for the lemons to be fully submerged in juice the whole time. I think part of the lemon at the top of the jar might not be fully submerged. Does this pose a health risk?

I've always been terrified of trying canning because of fear of botulism. And I don't know if this poses the same type of risk if not done properly? I could just scrap the whole thing and start again if there's any chance of that. Especially since I just had a case of shellfish poisoning this week I'm not too keen on the idea of taking a chance with other food.

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