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Salt-Packed Anchovies


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Salt-Packed Anchovies

galleygirl | May 14, 2002 03:59 PM

So, anchovies are, IMHO, one of the foods of the gods, even packed in little, oil-filled cans...So needless to say, when it became clear that an even _better_ way to get them was salt-packed, I went out and got some...But I can't seem to get the preparation right..I washed them, but the filets don't seem to come off easily unless you soak them in water, which I think I did for too long, because they're pretty flavorless, even after I added olive oil...Someone at the store said soak in red wine vinegar, without washing, and I tried that too, with less than stellar results..

Did I soak for too long?

Did I buy bad anchovies?

I know someone out there has a tried and true method; please help a fellow-hound to sodium-infused-nirvana!

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