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Salt Lake City mini report

jscarbor | Mar 31, 200809:23 AM

My fam and I set out to SL to visit family and do some skiing recently. We had a great time. Our first day was spent skiing at Alta where we had 16 inches of snow that day. This was my second time to ski and I am really starting to get decent at it. I think 2 more trips and I can do some more challenging runs. Its awesome having a place to stay only 30 minutes from the skiing. I do like the whole ski lodge vibe but the savings are huge being able to stay at SIL's very nice house.
After skiing we hit Saltebellos for some neapolitan pizza. Over all I give this place a big thumbs up. The pizza dough is really good but does get soggy. I think there are actually more ingrediants then what you would traditionally find at a naples pizzaria which causes this but all in all the toppings are first rate. Personally I don't mind the sogginess because the doughs tast is so good. I was looking at where they procure many of their cured meats and noticed they recv some of them from sulami in seattle which is Mario Batalis parents place. We had several pizzas and all were very tasty.
Side not, if you take a pizza home you can bake it at 425 on a cookie sheet with parchment paper to get the bottom crisp.
Later in the week I was going to prepare a meal and needed some quality ingrediants. Whole Foods is solid but I really liked Wild Oates more when I was there a year or so ago before the WF purchase. I went to Liberty Heights(What a treasure you have in this store) to see what I could come up with. I wanted to do short ribs but was not having much luck finding them. One of the people at the store told me to try Emmigration Mkt's butcher. I did and was rewarded. This is a good butcher shop, I really would like to have someone like this in Houston, an actual butcher that butchers. Anyway I got the ribs and headed back to LH for my other ingredients. Of course I spent WA to much money, mostly because of the Iberico Jamon at $99 per pound(worth it) but I didn't mind because that little place is stocked with a lot of great ingredients.
We had a quality burger at Acme also. Not much else to say but its a cool place with as good burger.

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