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Anyone been to Salt and Fat in Sunnyside lately? Huge disappointment.

zakappel | Jan 8, 201505:38 AM     2

I went there yesterday on a date after reading good reviews on google and yelp. Not sure how they got so many good reviews. The food was way too salty, it was lacking flavor, and it seemed like they were trying to hard to be creative and it just didnt really work out for them.

The shaved foie gras with cinnamon oranges and bacon was not my favorite. The foie itself tasted good, but the bacon was kind of hard, (beyond crispy, just hard.) Overall I didnt feel the elements played well with each other, but that might just be a matter of personal taste. (The juicy oranges washed away the richness of the foie before you could enjoy it.)

The Korean BBQ chicken wraps came out with a tiny, bite sized piece of crispy meat, on a big round piece of lettuce, and topped with what looked like canned frenche's french fried onions. There was no way to make it into a wrap, because the meat was shaped like a golf ball, so when you pick up the wrap, all the crispy stuff slid off. You basically got two bites out of each one, and there were only 3.

The arctic char was good, it was probably the best of the 4 items.

The fried chicken was horrible in our opinion. It was all breading, with very little meat, and the meat was lacking in flavor. It was also overwhelmingly salty, like, puckered my face up salty, and the dipping sauce didn't really complement it or add much.

In addition, with all the salt, we were drinking a ton of water, and it seemed like very time we put the glass down, the servers were pouring more in it. It was a bit off putting to have them reaching across the conversation every 3 or 4 minutes. Attentiveness is one thing, but this was a bit much.

I dont know if maybe the cook was out sick that night and this was someone else picking up the slack, or if they just went downhill since all the good reviews were written. $75 tab. I spent less at Maison Kayser in the city for a much better, similar style meal, with real Foie Gras.

Has anyone been there lately? Am i missing something?

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