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Salt Baked Shrimp

Dennis | Dec 3, 2000 11:13 AM


There is a entree that one of our local Chinese restaurants excels at. It is the only restaurant in our area which even offers this entree, although it is not on the menu. It is called "Salt Baked Shrimp."

What you get is a large platter of fresh jumbo shrimp which are baked in the shell. You read correctly. The shells are intact. Many people are incredulous when I relate this fact, having never heard of eating shrimp with the shells on.

The shells add a delectable crunchy texture to the shrimp. Furthermore, they are accompanied by generous portions of green onions, and tiny bits of fresh garlic and hot peppers. Every single bite explodes with the taste of garlic, peppers, green onions, and crunchy baked shrimp with their shells intact.

Another highlight is that this dish contains hardly any grease. It is also sauce free, allowing the ingredients described to explode with flavor to a greater intensity.

While growing up, I hated shrimp. Why? Because I mostly had it prepared fried. Fried shrimp have never agreed with me. I like neither the grease or the odor.
To this day, I usually have to leave the room if fried shrimp are being cooked.

Okay, that was just a tangent.

I am wondering if any of you have had the pleasure of enjoying a "Salt Baked Shrimp" dish anywhere that sounds as good as the one that I have described. As mentioned earlier, I have only seen it offered at one restaurant in our area.

By the way, the restaurant is the "Golden China", located in Virginia Beach, Virginia.


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