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Salsa in Los Angeles and other issues.

Slow Foodie | May 12, 200306:22 PM

Hi. I'm catering a big party and working out of a Temple kitchen and I have to keep things Kosher. I'm making a Mexican dinner for over 200 people and I've found Kosher tortillas, tortilla chips, a good variety of cheese and just about everything else I need. The one thing I can't find is a decent pre-made salsa. I'm in Los Angeles and I've looked at Costco, Trader Joe's and Gelsons. I'd like to get one of the quasi fresh salsas--in a plastic tub from the deli section--rather than one in a can or glass jar but I can't find one anywhere that has a U or any other Kosher designation. If an item's ingredients are all pareve can I bring an item into a Kosher kitchen even if it doesn't have an official designation? I saw a tiny tiny tub of salsa at the Kosher Club. It looked terrible and cost about $5.00 for about 8 oz. If this is the only alternative, I'll make it by hand but I am so hoping to avoid this. I'd even consider salsa in a jar or can which I'll doctor up a bit if there's something available. I never realized my knowlege of Kashrut was so lacking. I've been driving the rabbi's wife crazy with my questions so I thought I'd turn to you guys. Thanks in advance.

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