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Salad size, fork size


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Salad size, fork size

Karen_Schaffer | Oct 21, 2007 09:58 PM

My DH and I have a mild, ongoing disagreement over fork choices in certain situations. Now please note, this is not in formal dinners, just casual meals for the two of us. So this isn't a heavy duty ettiquette question, nor is it even a big deal, but I'm just curious if others have thought about it.

The basic disagreement is that if we're having salad, even if it's a large, full meal salad, his first instinct is to put out salad forks for us. My feeling is that if the salad is on a dinner plate or large bowl, then I want a fork that's sized appropriately for the plate/bowl, i.e., a dinner fork. A salad fork just seems too small to me.

Now it's no big deal, as I say -- after all, I can use a dinner fork and he can use a salad fork. But I'm curious what other people's reasoning and decisions are regarding the implement for large salads.

Bonus question: what implement do you use if it's a side salad but served on a big plate, like a sandwich with a side of coleslaw or green salad?

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