Beer, Cider, & Sake 37


Asomaniac | Oct 27, 2010 11:45 PM

I am wondering whether there would be any significant interest at all on this board to get some nihonshuu-related discussions going.

Sake as a stand-alone topic does not really seem to get discussed here - it is sometimes mentioned when the drinks selection at specific restaurants is being discussed, but does not really seem to generate that much interest by itself.

That really surprises me - it is a beverage of such incredible, beautiful variety, taste, complexity and sheer enjoyment, and everything about it other than the fragrance and flavour is interesting as well - how it's made, the history, the regional variety, and so on, and it's such an integral part of Japanese culinary culture that I would have thought more people would take an interest in finding great places to drink / buy sake, attend sake tasting events, learn about the many different styles of sake and so on.

If anyone does take any particular interest in this topic, please post here and maybe we can get some discussion going.

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