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Sakae Sushi Burlingame update

K K | Jun 20, 2007 10:32 PM

Dropped in during lunch today after an almost 2 year's absence, and although the # of patrons were a bit sparse, the fish quality was as great as ever. Fish and sometimes the sauce applied on top (where appropriate) at times overpowered the rice which I was not able to taste its texture. While sushi rice here is served at a cooler temperature than the average Kitsho visit, it still is a bit lacking in vinegar taste.

On the white board(s):

Hokkaido scallops - $6 (always great)
Wild Copper River Salmon - $16 (meaty, not much fat)
Tai - $8
Aji - $8
WAGYU (Japanese beef) - $26
Blue fin Otoro - $23
Blue fin Chutoro - $18
Blue fin Akami (red meat/by the dorsal/back side fin) - $12
Old style marinated Blue fin tuna (maguro zuke) akami - $12
Medai (butterfish) - $9 (it was actually medai no konbu jime, KELP MARINATED) and served with a light brushed sauce (nitsume) that was flavorful with depth.
Mutsu (Japanese blue fish) - $10 (served same way as above but not kelp marinated)
Kohada - $8 (on Japanese white board only)
Kyushuu saba - $8 (on Japanese white board only) - Makes you forget Norwegian saba, but this is not oily or fatty.
Japanese bonito - $8 (listed as katsuo from Chiba on the Japanese white board)
Japanese anago - $12 (excellent as usual but this time a tad bit less sweet than before, but melt in your mouth)

Also on the white board was jidori tamagoyaki (egg omlette made from free range chicken eggs) but I recall this was an outsourced item and not made in house. The Japanese white board seemed to indicate two flavors, which I could not make out and don't want to hazard a guess, but could have sworn I saw the word "ume" somewhere (which is not uncommon for some places in Japan that do sell fresh blocks of various flavors).

Spotted were Hokkaido uni and Santa Baraba uni in their cases behind the counter, alongside marinated ikura (soy sauce, mirin, sake) which was a very light marination today but good quality eggs.

Fresh wasabi (not grated on the spot but decent quality hon wasabi from squeeze tube I think) and really really tasty gari (ginger) served on the geta.

Now I'm really curious how this place stacks up with Sebo, on a fish quality scale.

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