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You are no saint, Nicholas


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You are no saint, Nicholas

rworange | Dec 22, 2005 08:37 PM

Before I rush off to complain to a manager of the local market, I was wondering for opinions.

First of all, I was in as zen a mood as I was ever going to be. I had a nice lunch, finished my Christmas shopping, and even won $7 in the lottery. Life is good.

So, I go to my local market which is usually packed at all hours and a parking place opens up in front. I can hear angels singing. Instead of the usualy lines 10 deep, I only have two people in front of me.

I am blissfully happy. I am not paying attention to the orders in front of me. My order starts to get rung up, so I focus my attention there.

However, the older gentleman in front of me is not moving and seems to be puttering around. He pulls out his ATM card and I think that is odd as my order is being rung up.

Then he pays and they start putting my groceries in his bag. So I say "Do you know those are two separate orders?".

Now the whole thing about this, is tone rather than words. Think of Eddie Haskel from 'Leave it to Beaver' at a cash register.

He says in a rather dripping tone "No, I don't know that". Later, I noted his name for reporting to the market. Ironically, in this season of good will, it was Nicholas ... I involuntarily snorted when I read that.

So now my order with about 30 items and the other guy's order with one item is combined and rung up.

The older man profusely apoligizes saying that he didin're know the order was being combined. Nicholas, who shall from this point be referred to as 'Little Nikkie", looks at the man and says 'ok'. It was the tone, dripping with 'you idiot'.

However, it is not my fight, even though I think he should have said something more comforting like "No problem, sir, we'll get this fixed".

Little Nikkie looks confused, so I ask "Would it be helpful to just back out that one item, have me pay and then ring up that one item?" I'm thinking, damn, he's going to subtract every one of my 30 items.

I get the coldest, iciest reply "We'll figure it out".

Again, it wasn't the words, it was the tone. STILL, I have lingering good will. Still I ignore the guy.

OK, a manager comes over to fix it and leaves. My order doesn't need to be re-run. Little Nikki looks at me and says in the most sarcastic tone you can imagnine "do YOU have anthing else to ring up?"

Good will is gone. I say to the guy "Listen, you made a mistake. It was not my problem. Don't take that tone with me."

He stops dead and refuses to continue ... the line is now three deep. I must have offended Little Nikkie's sensative feelings.

I say, listen, either ring up the order or get a manger. He trots off to get a manager, leaving holiday shoppers piling up in back of me.

This is some little mid-level manager who could care less about the whole thing. Fine. Transaction done. I'm leaving. Little Nikkie re-mans the register now that my offensiveness has been removed and calls out to me as I leave "Have a happy holiday".

It is at this point I check his badge to see who I am dealing with becuase this is going to get reported. Little Nikkie, says "My name is Nicholas" with a smirk on his face.

Hell, breaks loose on my part. Little Nikkie has his perfect Eddie Haskel manners going. I look like the unreasonable fool for finally getting totally pissed off. The man did not have to make that final comment.

What really annoys me is that this guy will probably operate like this forever. None of his words could be construed as rude, but he was one of the rudest people I have ever encounterd. My only objective in reporting this to upper management is that at least once someone tells this guy to knock it off. Don't think it will do any good or he will really get it.

The other thing is if someone else has a complaint about Little Nikkie there is a previous complaint on file.

So, should I complain or let it go?


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