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Saigon Sandwiches - Dore's Neighbor SD

kare_raisu | Mar 13, 2008 06:59 PM

I got the Dac Biet or 'special' Banh mi today from this Viet Deli on University, just East of the 15.

Dac biet usually has mixed viet charcuterie and pate.

The older woman whom I assume is the owner was really nice and pleasant to me.
I wanted to compare it to Cafe Dore's version that I had taken to work a few days ago. Both have certain strengths and weaknessess but both are exceptional sandwiches despite my nitpicking.

>Saigon's sandwiches are much more aptly filled than Cafe Dore's - not that this is better
> Cafe Dore;s baguette posseses a greater crispness and much more soul
> Saigon actually puts hot jalapenos on your sandwich you have to beg Dore for a few slivers
> The Pate CD uses is much more smoother and delicate, SS's is slightly coarser and assertive
> I like the thin sliced cha siu on CDs sandwich a lot - I think their charcuterie is of slightly better quality than SS's but there is not very much
> I like the more stronger fish sauce or maggi flavor on the SS sandwich

In summation, I like them both pretty much equally - they are just two different examples of the same sandwich. Cafe Dore typifies a delicate refined, restrainded sandwich whereas SS could be called a hearty, baroque banh mi.

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