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Saffron & Sesame Seed (am back on CH)


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Saffron & Sesame Seed (am back on CH)

Amin (LondonFoodie) | Apr 26, 2005 01:28 PM

26th April 2005

I had been trying to avoid logging onto CH as
it's far too addictive, but today I received an
email from a CH friend (name/location unknown)who
simply said : ''Have missed your posts ... hope you're
well''.- so here I am back again.

In April I went to Brussels (official visit to
Chocoa 2005 including guided tours of three
chocolatiers), came back and two days later went to
Spain. -All that is another story for another day....
.. Meanwhile...

Question: Shall appreciate some info on what YOU
would normally use the following for, and what sort of
price do you pay for it. :

1) Saffron
2) Sesame seed (hulled or un-hulled)

Also, is sesame seed a herb, a spice, or a condiment ?
reason for this is that I have been doing some research
on this item and have come across it being referred to
as all three

Thanks in advance /Amin

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