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Safeway Eating Right–Salad Spray Supremacy…so far

rworange | Sep 8, 200810:29 AM     10

It seems no sooner do I declare a winner in the salad spray wars, a new victor claims the title.

Safeway’s are the best … really

It is the only line that I would buy every single spray again. It is the only line where flavors I usually don’t like in ANY supermarket dressing, bottled, or spray… like honey mustard or Asian … well … I like them, I really like them.

Even better, like Newman’s sprays, these don’t have junk in them … no HFCS as the first ingredient. Here’s the ingredient list for the balsamic

water, balsamic vinegar, sugar, salt, vegetable oil soybean and/or canola, evoo, 1% onion juice, garlic juice, distilled vinegar, xantham gum, modified gum Arabic, natural flavors, with potassium sorbateand calcium disodium edta to protect quality

What I like about salad sprays is that they lightly and evenly dress greens. So the bottled dressing taste doesn’t take over the salad, but enhances it. Also this leads to few calories. There’s about 1 calorie per spray.

I’ve used some of the flavors as marinades. I’ll spray a chicken breast with honey mustard, Asian or Italian and use the same spray to dress the greens. It works very well.

Here’s the six in order of preference

BALSAMIC VINAIGRETTE – Better than the red wine or Italian. It is more mellow and balanced with herbal notes.

HONEY MUSTARD – Wow, talk about surprising that this came in number two because I hate any honey mustard dressing, even at fancy, pricy restaurants. I don’t even like honey mustard … mustard. The mustard doesn’t overwhelm this spray and the honey is sweet without being cloying.

ITALIAN VINAIGRETTE - Very nice and doesn’t have that fake taste most Italian dressing have.

ASIAN SESAME GINGER VINAIGRETTE – Like honey mustard, I’m not a fan of Asian dressings because the soy sauce is often too overwhelming. This even smells lovely … I’m thinking of using it as a cologne (joking). In this dressing the nutty sesame stars. The only criticism is there wasn’t any ginger taste I could detect.

RASPBERRY VINAIGRETTE – I’m not a fan of this type of vinaigrette which is a horror of the 90’s that won’t seem to go away. However, this wasn’t bad or cloying like most. The vinegar is the main flavor, the raspberry true tasting without being overwhelming. A little less salt would be nice. Haven’t found the right use for this yet, but I might … hmmm … maybe with fresh nectarines.

RED WINE VINAIGRETTE – There was a strong red wine vinegar taste to this. It is unlikely that I’d buy this one again since I don’t like red wine vinegar in general and this didn’t do anything to win me over.

Unfortunately as of this post, the Eating Right website doesn’t mention the sprays.

Except for the Wishbone Ranch spray … adios all you other sprays I tried. I have moved on. Some of you were swell, but Safeway just outclasses you all … except that ranch, HFCS be dammed. I love it on baked potatoes as well as salad. However, if Safeway ever makes ranch, I suspect it will be left behind as well.

Then again, I might perfect a home made spray, but I just haven’t got it right yet.

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