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Safety of cast iron cook ware.

eac77 | May 16, 201202:15 AM

Hello everyone. I am new cast iron thing. After doing all of my research (cleaning, seasoning, what to look for on ebay, etc. ) I recently (at least 2 months ago) scored a Griswold #9 Cast iron skillet. Unfortunately I had an emergency situation that called me a way for an few weeks so I was not around when the pan arrived ( had an friend pick it up ). When I finally got a chance to look it over and rub my hand on the Griswold famously smooth interior and notice what seems like black oil on my fingers. The pan also smelled like paint or an oil ( wd40, motor oil, etc). So after some more research I discover that some people actual paint or use oil to preserved cast iron for decorative purposes. Which leads me to a couple of questions.

1) How do those of you who purchase your cast iron cookware from ebay insure that no poisonous materials ( motor oil, wd40, lead paint, etc ) was used to maintain the skillet?

2) Not that I am 100% sure that my pan is contaminated, what cleaning process can I used to make sure that if it was the case would clean away all the contaminates and make the cast iron safe for cooking?

If there is not a way to insure the safety of the cast iron cook ware. I was thinking about just getting an lodge (at least then I can be sure it safe to cook on) and MAYBE get the interior sanded down or something (any suggestion on how to do this). Thanks to all who took the time out to read and answer my question.

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