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Is it safe to keep fresh herbs, garlic in olive oil?

TrishUntrapped | May 15, 201202:13 AM

I dined at a newly opened Italian restaurant the other day and on every table was a bottle of olive oil containing a long sprig/stalk of fresh rosemary, a whole garlic clove and what appeared to be a stringy pepper (not sure, it was thin, narrow, red).

I tasted the oil, it had no acidic or vinegar taste. It tasted just like flavored oil. After the meal I wondered if it was safe to keep fresh herbs and garlic in oil and if so, for how long. If I go back to this restaurant again I may ask more about it. Also, this place is new and not crowded. There was a bottle of oil on every table and I doubt they go through it all in a day.

In the meantime, would those in the know on here have any concerns about this? And do any of you flavor oil with fresh herbs and if so how do you do it safely, is there a trick to the trade? When I want to serve an infused oil I don't flavor a whole bottle, I just infuse an amount I plan on serving.

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