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safe to use to finishs for butcher blocks

Plainservant | Sep 22, 201111:12 PM

It is not surprising that the FDA approves any finish that is sold in hardware stores for finishing butcher blocks. These are the same people who approved chlorine and toxic sodium fluoride in our drinking water. 90% of all other countries have made it illegal to put these dangerous chemicals in any water. The FDA has turned our grocery stores into chemical warehouses. They approved Aspartame as a sweetener. Aspartame is made out of methanol. It is a felony to pour methanol on the ground, but the FDA says it is OK to put it in our cakes and coffee.This post could go on for ever, but the real point is: if you want to know what is safe, the FDA is not a reliable source. Below are some good products for finishing butcher blocks.

Pure tung oil, Raw linseed oil, Mineral oil, Walnut oil, Beeswax, Carnauba wax, and Shellac. If you choose Shellac, be sure and make your own. You can order pure Super Blond Shellac flakes on line. Mix it with pure 200 proof drinking alcohol. This is the same shellac that prescription pills and candies (like M&M's) are coated with.

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