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Sad to say, bad service at John Andrews, Egremont, MA

bostonfoodie111 | Aug 25, 200803:39 PM     37

It is with a sad heart that I wrote a letter to the GM of John Andrews with my "review" of my last meal at JA. Am I the only person that wonders why restaurants can't update their websites to reflect the current menu? :(

This is part of the letter I wrote to the GM:

This past Saturday I dined at John Andrews Restaurant with one of my best friends.We both look forward to our time in the Berkshires and based on my visit to JA last year, I made reservations for the both of us in anticipation of a nice night out. Unfortunately our visit did not live up to the hype I gave it and I want to express my displeasure to you.

We arrived about 5 minutes before our reservation and were promptly seated by the host that night. I was a little taken aback to our seat which was, for lack of a better term, near the “wait stand”. I noticed other couples in the other room at very nice tables and our table placement was less than ideal with people that had to visit the rest room and wait staff perched near our table as to be out of the way for the other tables. Still, I was not going to let our table deter us from a great meal.

When the server came back with our drinks, I asked if the warm mozzarella salad was available and she very rudely said “NO.”. OK fine, but did she have to be so mean about it? Isn’t it a compliment that that salad was so great last year that I wanted it again? Perhaps a “I’m so glad you enjoyed that salad and if I could suggest another salad” would have been so much more friendly. Did you know this salad is still on your website as part of the menu? In retrospect I see that the menu is your SPRING menu. Perhaps it would behoove you to keep the menu current for those of us who don’t come as often and do use it as a point of reference before we come to the restaurant. But in any case, we decided we would then split a small portion of the Ricotta Gnocchi and have the Sea Scallops and I would have the Hanger Steak.

I will say in general, the food was great. The focaccia bread was outstanding and the pasta was delicious. My steak was definitely more rare than I normally eat it and my friend’s scallops were definitely on the “under-done” side but at no point did anyone come over and ask us how our meals were! My friend had her bread plate cleared but I didn’t. And then she had her drink glass cleared but I didn’t, even though they were both empty at the same time. At this point, we were both getting annoyed about the service and being treated as if we were fixtures in the restaurant and not guests. So much so that we didn’t order dessert, which we were so looking forward to.

When our server came with the check, she just placed it down without so much as a thank you. And trust me, I was being super observant at this point because I was upset and after that, we decided we were DONE. I was going to express my displeasure to the host, but it’s not her fault. She was quite lovely as was the bread person and the person who gave us water never made us wait. They were excellent. I was very put off by the disrespectful attitude of the server.

I am in event planning and also have been in the hospitality industry for many years and I observe the behavior and service very closely. It is always apparent to me when a server seems “put out” because we don’t want or don’t order alcohol or a bottle of wine and then the service seems to dwindle after that.

I was embarrassed to have recommended this place so highly to my friend and also to many others. The type of service we received was unprofessional and doesn’t befit the quality of the food which is really wonderful. But even with such wonderful tastes, I still left JA with a sour feeling in my mouth and a sad feeling in my heart.

I hope you will call this attention to the appropriate staff member and that the service can match the food for those who will continue to enjoy it. I will not be one of those guests after my last experience.

So sad really. Niccole, I hope you continue to have great dinners there!

I will let you know if I hear anything from the GM based on my letter, which I just sent to him via email a few minutes ago.

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