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Sacreligious suhi question...


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Sacreligious suhi question...

Fargo | Jul 16, 2004 08:15 PM

I'm just asking, so if you all could resist the temptation to jump all over me, I'd apreciate it. I realize that there are very strongly held opinions about sushi out there, and that some take offense at any hint of deviating from tradition, but here's my question: Is there any way that making sushi rice with brown rice could work? Has any one tried it? The reason I ask is because i am trying to build more whole grains and fiber into my diet, and every time I eat sushi I gaze lovingly at those little white rice pillows and think "carbs! carbs! carbs!" I'm not an anti-carb fanatic by any means, but I am trying to replace "white" carbs with more healthful ones wherever I can.

I suppose one answer is to just eat sashimi, which I also love, but for me, good rice is an important part of my sushi eating experience and I would hate to forgo it.

Any thoughts? Is short grain "sushi" rice even sold in a "brown" form? I don't think I've seen it at the market. Is there any other short-grained brown rice that might work? What alterations to the vinegar solution might I need to make? I'll happily experiment with any suggestions and post results.

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