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J1836 | Jun 11, 2009 06:29 PM

I recently tried this new sandwich concept restaurant for the first time in Laval at the Centroloplis... I've also noticed they have a location on Atwater right across the pepsi-center...

It adopted a franchise concept (or attempting). Not sure how long they've been around for...

Anyways, the concept is pretty unique - there is a main menu that categorizes the sandwiches as: vergetarian, beef, chicken, classic, italian, and Batta Pizza...Each category has about 3 to 5 sandwiches.

Once you've located the sandwich you like, there are paper bags (hence, SAC...) within each category (so vege bag would have all the vege sandwiches and the offered garnishings).. With a pencil, you tick off what you wish to have and then hand it over to the sandwich man.

let's just hope that they recycle these bags, because mine was simply used as an order form... pretty wasteful.

And it took about 10 to 15 minutes to finally get the order - Prime Rib with special sauce, grilled onions, red peppers etc.. I think if a restaurant decides to be a sandwich franchise concept, it should attempt to deliver it's food within 7 minutes or less... Because any more, they minus well just hire waiters and have us sit back and relax as opposed to standing and waiting over the counter.

They do have a website -

From there website:

"With the big sandwich chains offering standard quality breads, meats and using electric pizza ovens, even microwaves type products to toast their products. Sac-Wich™ offer the highest level of european ciabatta breads for our sandwiches and Batta-pizza products, while passing through our fire brick oven's, ready in minutes."

I did like the bread, but the sandwich itself did not exactly blow me away (kinda like a standard home made sandwich)... it's not terrible - but i won't exactly be getting munchy cravings for it either.. the prime rib was cut super thin like a cold-cut. I find that the meat tasted odd when baked (bigger juicier meat slices would taste so much better than thin slices - it got mooshy and did not hold up well hot with all the other garnishings)...

i might give them a 2nd chance... just not next week or anything like that..

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