K Sabatier carbon steel cook's knife. Comments on quality against other Sabatiers?

jhamiltonwa | Jan 7, 201209:03 PM


I have decided I need a carbon steel cooks knife in the French style. Ive read many posts about care etc and that won't be a problem, all my knives from the cheapo Kiwis (which I love), to the Kanetsune santoku (which I love), and the 10" Wusthof (which I like a lot but don't love for some reason) get cleaned and dried separately and immediately etc. I'm thinking of getting either an 8" or 9" to differentiate this new knife from my Wusthof, perhaps 10" is a bit large for me.

Ive also read the there are lots of different Sabatier companies, some not so good. Thiers Issard gets the thumbs up from Chowhound I see but they are not available here in Australia. I can see K Sabatier and Sabatier Lion on some sites down here, however.

Does anybody have any comments on those two? If necessary I'll try and import the Elephant 4* knife but I was wondering if anybody had some knowledge of the quality of the K & Lion brands.

I have a really good knife collection for an average cook and would like to have just a couple of knives which serve me well, but it seems I'm one of those people who needs a whole collection to choose from as the mood and job fits. What's worse, I expect I'll be getting a Gyoto as well one day.

Thanks for any advice

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