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What 's the wierdest recipe you have found and would you attempt it?


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What 's the wierdest recipe you have found and would you attempt it?

chef chicklet | Dec 29, 2006 10:41 PM

Okay, I've been a member of chowhounds now for about a month and I feel fairly comfortable with all of you.

I have a wonderful collections of cookbooks that I have accumulated from all over for many years, stores, garage sales, used book stores, and hand-me-downs. I also have a huge collection of cooking magazines or those pretaining to entertaining with useful recipes and tips. I love them all. And yes I have too many, but I use them all. I also love and use the internet, and have binders full of recipes from different sources along with some of your (chowhound) recipes and suggestions.

And with that said, what is the most unusual recipe or noteworthy recipe that you've encountered. Have you attempted it or will you ever?

I have a couple one of them being in my beloved and precious Louisianna cookbooks. Although they are both facinating, I couldn't decide which one, "Squirrel Pie" (6) squirrels or "Coon a La Delta" calling for one racoon dressed properly...

Now my Dad was an avid hunter, and fisherman, so I am no stranger to game and fish. As a youngster, my dad a true gormet before his time offered us, squirrel. I remember it in a tomato base with wine sauce and tasting like "chicken".
But for the life of me, I did not know that racoon was an animal hunted for food. I mean seriously, they can be mean little guys!

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