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R.W.Garcia Chips, Naked Juices and Altoid Strips


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R.W.Garcia Chips, Naked Juices and Altoid Strips

GG Mora | May 28, 2003 01:50 PM

Not all together, mind you. Just some random reviews.

Living up here in Vermont, I may be the last person on earth to discover R.W. Garcia tortilla chips. Maybe the rest of my fellow hounds have been eating them for years. But I just came across them at my local IGA. Made in Florida, all organic, low fat...they actually taste like corn and don't leave behind that greasy, salty film that most tortilla chips do. Only 4 grams of fat per 15-chip serving. Trouble is, the plain ones only come in a 2-lb. bag; tough for a 3-person household watching its carb intake. Also available in some other flavors which I haven't tried.

Naked (brand) juices. I used to think Fresh Samantha was it. Nooooope. Naked. The Tangerine Scream really does make you wanna scream -- it's bright and real and not at all syrupy. They even make green food taste good...the Super Green Perfect Food (or something like that) with spirulina and chlorella and blue green algae with broccoli and spinach juices sounds perfectly disgusting but, in the interest of nutrition, I tried it. It's also got fruit juices, and it's pretty damn delicious for something that's so good for you. I'm dedicated to working my way down the product line.

And now for something truly disgusting. Altoid strips. I've been downing Peppermint Altoids for God knows how long; when I was in art school 20-odd years ago (and they have been odd ones, for sure) and dressed up as Alice in Wonderland for Halloween, Altoids were what I carried in my pocket for prizes. All that just by way of setting a precedent for my trying Altoid strips. Ick. Gross. Gack. If I really wanted to coat the roof of my mouth with peppermint-flavored slime, I'd...well, I'd just coat the roof of my mouth with peppermint-flavored slime and forego the slick packaging. Save yer money.

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